Our featured goods are products that we have decided to focus on as they represent the highest quality, most unique, and effective alternatives to the plastic partly creating our global waste crisis


The highest quality beeswax wraps made by hand in New Zealand

Uses organic coconut oil completely safe for food instead of jojoba oil commonly used by other wrap makers

Each wrap is reusable and lasts over ONE YEAR with easy maintenance

Replaces plastic wrap and plastic baggies for food storage, packaging, and preparation


Salon-quality shampoo and conditioner in a plastic-free format

No sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, and no cruelty.

Gentle citrus fragrance

Replaces massive plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles which mostly hold water and are extremely wasteful


All natural, vegan, cruelty-free powder shampoo made by hand in Toronto by The Rose Company

Scented Vanilla Cocoa and Bergamot Rosemary also available

Apply to scalp in areas where oil accumulates, leave in or wash out

Requires no water, contains no surfactants or other chemicals

Wood Toothbrushes

Sustainably sourced bamboo replaces standard all-plastic toothbruses

Available in several different colors of bristles

Same toothbrush performance, just a million times better for the planet

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Saves trees AND plastic waste from the environment

Holds 20lbs or more of stuff - your arms will get tired before this bag gives

Easy to store away and clean for the next trip

Use for produce only, all groceries, beach and pool trips, anything where having a carrying bag is handy

Wall Shelves

Several stainless steel items for kitchen and bathroom use

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