Kitchen Compost Bin Set

Kitchen Compost Bin Set

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop Compost Bin Set


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Dimensions: Approximately 10" tall by 6.5" wide outside pail; approx. 8" tall by 6.3" wide inner pail


Stainless steel outer bin with inner bucket for easily removal and cleaning.  Lid comes with charcoal filter to prevent odors.


Composting is an important step in reducing waste.  Whenever items are sent to a landfill, they are put on the pile and then compacted by the giant dozers that continually traverse the trash.  This creates an environment with NO AIR once another layer of garbage gets put on top (aka anaerobic conditions).  No air means that oxidation is not occurring and that even completely natural stuff like banana peels and bread crusts are not decomposing normally and end up producing methane gas - very bad for the environment.


Instead of tossing food waste put it into this compost bin.  If your area does not provide you with a outdoor compost bin for a composting facility, start your own compost pile or get an outdoor composting bin to compost your food waste.  Remember, compost needs moisture and air in order to provide a good environment for the organisms that break down organic material.  If your outdoor compost is generating heat, that's a good indication that it's working!


Note that this compost bin does *not* have a lid that snaps closed.  If you are worried about insects getting into the compost then empty it regularly.  The only insects to get in are typically ants (which find their way into just about anything and everything) and fruit flies which come from the eggs that were already present on your fruits and veggies.  The non-snapping lid also makes it easier to lift the lid with one hand while adding scraps.


Best performing indoor metal compost bin!

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