Stainless Steel Self-Clipping Scoop

Stainless Steel Self-Clipping Scoop

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Perfect For Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Flour, Starch, Pet Food Bags, Etc.


When Not In Use, Use It To Clip The Bag Closed


Stainless Steel Construction - Multiple Finishes Available


7" Length - 1 Tbsp measurement


This ingenious little scoop clips itself to whatever bag you were using.  Tired of those coffee bags that don't close well?  This clips right over the top of it when you are done using it to scoop.  Also perfect for other bagged goods that you might take small scoops of like spices, salt, starch, grains, or flours/meals.  


Note: The Rainbow color has the grade of stainless steel marking on it "SUS304" - does not affect the scoop at all just a little extra detail!

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