Steel Safety Razor Set - Bronze

Steel Safety Razor Set - Bronze

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Fully stainless steel, no plastic!  Comes with a package of 5 blades to get you started.  Double-edged, dark bronze color with no-slip grip.


Plastic disposable razors and disposable razor heads are not only expensive, they're a huge waste.


Imagine buying your razor once and from then on buying long-lasting and inexpensive blades which are easily replaced and contribute very little waste - and NO plastic at all!  This is the world you step into when you buy a stainless steel safety razor.  Shaving is yet another area where plastic has become ubiquitous and there's really no reason for it to be so wasteful.  Upgrade to a steel safety razor today and help get plastic out of your self care routine.


This razor comes with 5 blades

  • Shaving Tips

    If you are new to safety razors, there are a few things to know:

    1.  Don't put pressure on the head of the razor while you're shaving!  The razor head is designed to be heavy enough to shave while not scraping your skin.  If you put pressure on the razor head, you may get some razor burn and/or nicks.  Ouch!

    2.  Once you feel the razor is pulling the hair or it doesn't seem to be cutting, it's time to change it or you can attempt to refresh it if you have the tools and know how.  As far as disposal goes, consult your local waste agency for guidelines.

    3.  The razor blade has two edges, so you can shave with one side and switch to the other side when one side gets dull.  Or, you can just alternate sides as you shave to try to wear the edge evenly.  The blade sits on top of the razor head and both edges of the razor are available to to be used at any time.  You may see single-edged razors out there that only expose one edge at a time, this is a double-edged razor.

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